What PreVue


At PreVue Property Inspections, LLC, we inspect the whole house from top to bottom. A PreVue Home Inspection is a non invasive, non destructive visual examination of the readily accessible areas of the interior and exterior components of the property, including the property’s structural components, foundation, and roof.

The Home Inspection includes the examination of the property’s heating, cooling, plumbing, and electrical systems, including the operational condition of the systems’ controls that are normally operated by a property owner.

Inspections PreVue Does:

What PreVue

Includes in a Report

PreVue provides a professional written opinion regarding the site aspects and condition of the property and its carports, garages, and reasonably accessible installed components and systems.

"I do the inspections, I generate the report – no outside help"
Our Disclaimer:
An inspection is performed as a PRIMARILY VISUAL, BUT NOT TECHNICALLY EXHAUSTIVE INSPECTION, following the ASHI Standards of Practice for Home Inspectors. It is the goal of this inspection to put the Home Buyer in a better position to make a buying decision. Not all issues will be identified during the inspection. Unexpected repairs should still be anticipated. The inspection performed should NOT be considered a Guarantee or Warranty of any kind.