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Should I attend the PreVue Home Inspection?
You are welcome to attend the inspection. If you are there, you can see what the inspector sees and
have things explained to you. By walking around with the inspector and asking questions, you should
feel more confident and comfortable with what he's telling you. However, if you can not attend, I
believe the PreVue Home Inspection report is one of the easiest to understand in the industry.
Supporting photos are included as needed and a comprehensive summary is included. Some clients
tell us the inspection report is the most thorough they have ever seen "
the report looks really good,
very thorough (and I like all the additional information you have in the back for maintenance and
” like "receiving an owners manual for the home".

What should I Expect from the home inspection?
During a PreVue Home Inspection, the PreVue home inspector will concentrate on the condition and
structure of your home and point out observed safety concerns. The PreVue Home Inspection is a
visual inspection of the house - home inspectors do not do any destructive testing, nor can they
inspect what they cannot see.

The PreVue professional home inspector will, at a minimum, inspect the following items:
•        Exterior Home Site
•        Building Foundation
•        Exterior Home Walls
•        Roof Coverings, Flashings, Canales & Gutters
•        Roof Support Structure (when visible)
•        Attic
•        Crawlspace
•        Insulation Quality (when visible)
•        Garage
•        Electrical
•        Visible Interior and Exterior Plumbing
•        Central Air and Heating System
•        Interior Condition of the Home

For more details regarding what a home inspector will inspect, please see the ASHI Standards of
Practice and Code of Ethics. While the ASHI Standards provide a minimum guideline for
conducting a home inspection, the ASHI Code of Ethics sets a standard of professional behavior
for members.

Home Inspectors are generalists - they need to know the home's many systems and components and
how they work, both independently and together. In addition, they need to understand why and how
the system(s) fail. Consumers should expect a written report to describe the actual condition of the
home at the time of the inspection and to provide an indication of the need for further evaluation
by a licensed professional and if necessary repairs and preventive maintenance.

What should I not expect from a home inspection?
Home Inspectors do not do any destructive testing, nor do they have x-ray vision. Consumers should
not expect their reports to include the condition of every nail, wire or pipe in the home. The Home
Inspector is primarily concerned with pointing out adverse conditions and/or safety-related
concerns, rather than small or cosmetic items, which are considered readily apparent to the buyers.

A home inspection is not a code compliance inspection and a home inspector will not inspect
inaccessible areas of the home. Cosmetic deficiencies are considered normal wear and tear, and
therefore are not always required to be addressed in the inspection. It is recommended a thorough
walk through be done with the seller before closing on the property.   

In addition, the home buyer should not expect the inspector's report to serve as a guarantee or
warranty that the home's components will never fail or need repair at some point in the future. No
house is perfect -- they all need regular maintenance and repa
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                                   The PreVue Home Inspection Report

    Table of Contents / Inspection Information / Definitions and Conventions
    Client Advisory Recommendation List for the Inspection Report
  • Potential Safety and Major Concerns
  • Not Operating / Repair or Replace
  • Maintenance Repair & Deferred Cost Items
    Inspection Photos / Grounds / Landscape / Drainage / Exterior Siding / Doors /
    Windows / Structure / Slab / Basement / Crawlspace / Attic / Roof Covering
    / Drainage / Chimney-Fireplace / Garage / Heating & Cooling /Plumbing &
    Electrical Systems / Laundry / Kitchens / Baths / Bedrooms
    General Inspection & Preventive Maintenance Remarks / PreVue Safety Tips